Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bargain Beauty

Make up can be expensive, but sometimes, if you're lucky and willing to look around, you can find some great bargains to add to your collection.

One of my favourite sites is They have a large collection of samples and cheap products available to buy, with a selction that changes often. Postage is by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and is free if you spend over £10.

Today, my latest order arrived:

1. City Color Nail Polish Nail Lacquer Greyish Brown 


This is a colour I have never owned before. After two coats there is a smooth, even surface. For 35p, it is not bad at all. Now I know I like the colour I will look for it by different brands.

2. Collection 2000 Manicure French Ivory 


A nice, basic ivory colour. Not the best ivory colour available, but looks nice with a shimmery topcoat.

3. Nailease Instant Manicure Nail Polish Strips Black White Red Leopard 317 


I haven't tried these yet but I am very excited too, I'll post a review when I've had chance to use them. First impressions, it is a very cute pattern that would be hard and time consuming to paint by hand so if these work well, I will be very happy.

4. Nailease Instant Manicure Nail Polish Strips Pink Grey White Stripes 319 


Same as above. I love the candy coloured stripes. This is an effect I have painted myself before using striping tape but it takes a long time and can get tricky if you want thin stripes.

5. Maybelline Color show Fashion Nail Stickers Bling It On 09 


Again, same as above. How cute is that pattern??

6. Max Factor Max Effect Dip in Liquid Eye shadow Silver Lounge 


This is a bright, light silver colour, almost white. This could be dabbed around the inner corner of the eye to make your eyes look bigger. This could also be used as an eyeliner if you have a thinner brush.

7. Max Factor Max Effect Dip in Liquid Eye shadow Ultra Violet 


This is a pretty, pale pinky-purple colour which would suit any eye colour. The colour is easy to blend and dries quickly, I like that it doesn't leave my eyelids feeling heavy or sticky.

8. Wet n Wild Creme Eyeshadow White


I am a bit disappointed with this eyeshadow. The colour is a bright white, but it is not very pigmented and tends to smudge during the day, eventually disappearing completely after a few hours.

9. Constance Carroll Shimmer Glimmer Face Powder Nude Shimmer


This contains a good selection of shades. I bought this powder because I like the idea of the shimmer. I'll post a review later when I have tried it out.

10. Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow Radium 


Urban Decay create makeup in amazing colours, even the name of this eyeshadow colour sounds cool. Radium is an apt name, as this neon bright blue does evoke images of radioactivity and energy. This is a fun colour which really made my eyes stand out. Perhaps a bit too bright for everyday wear though.

As you can see, some of the products are great, some are useful as they were a cheap way of trying differnt colours and some were just not very good at all. But at prices that low, I don't really mind that some were disappointing, at least I know which to avoid in the future.

Have you ever found any beauty bargains?

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