Thursday, 27 March 2014

Farmer's Market

Not the usual place to find beauty-related products, but whilst browsing the local farmer's market yesterday, which visits my university campus once a month, I came across a lovely little stall selling beautiful coloured blown-glass decorations, including this pretty little hair grip.

The photo doesn't really do it justice because in the sunlight this shimmers and shows so many different colours. I visited towards the end of the day and there were only two left, I wish I could have bought more in different colours, especially since they were only 50p each.

I love farmer's markets. The one that visits my uni always has a wide range of stalls selling interesting (and usually delicious) things. I also bought mushroom and basil focaccia, almond baklava, chilli and garlic olives, stuffed vine leaves, poppy seed cake, fiery ginger fudge, yellow pepper and chilli jam and fig, star anise and port chutney.

Have you ever found any beauty/hair products in unexpected places?