Saturday, 8 March 2014

From Brunette to Blonde

Today I decided to go back to being a blonde!

     Before                                                        After

For the last year I have been dying my hair a dark brunette, so it was quite a challenge for the hairdresser to lighten my hair without damaging it, especially considering the length of my hair. I  know a few people who are brave enough to dye their own hair at home but I also know a few ended up with a brassy yellowy orange colour instead so I placed my trust in the professionals and hoped for the bst.

It was a long day, I was there for nearly six hours, but I am more than happy with the end result.
I love how changing your hair colour can transform your whole appearance. When I have light hair I tend to curl it and braid it more often because I like the way the different colours in my hair look in these styles.

You can probably guess from the photos that I didn't have much of my hair cut. I want to carry on growing it to see how long it can go, so far there are no signs of it stopping any time soon. So, just a little trim to keep it tidy and get rid of any split ends.

Have you made the change from dark to blonde? How did it go?