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Latest In Beauty: Winter Collection Editor's Picks - Review

I was so happy with the LIB Glamour Edit that I was persuaded to purchase this box too. This is a winter themed collection, with many of the products aimed at conditioning and refreshing tired, dull skin in time for spring. Cost: £14.99 plus postage. Total value: £55.60 (wow)

Green People Anti-Age Pencil Eyeliner in City Grey

£10.95 from Green People

This grey eyeliner can be used to subtly accentuate your eyes and will look especially great against blue or green eyes. This has a smooth formula which glides on easily - I love this because it is important to be gently on the delicate skin around the eye. Green People use organic natural ingredients and avoid using harsh synthetic chemicals and fragrances so they are suitable for people with sensitive skin and eyes. This eyeliner contains vitamin C, vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, these ingredients are known for their moisturizing and conditioning properties. This is the first grey eyeliner pencil I have tried, normally I am a black liquid liner type of girl, and I can honestly say I am impressed. I used this pencil just to gently colour my waterline to add definition for a subtle and natural look.

LOLA Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Minx

£12 from M&S

This is one of the items I was most excited about receiving. This is a gorgeous lipstick with a smooth creamy formula that gives a nice matte effect. I would have preferred a different colour (it comes in some beautifully vivid red and purple shades) but I was glad to try this brand and I have now given it to my Mum to use because she likes nude colours. One thing I would suggest if you're going to use this lipstick is to make sure your lips are soft and in good condition before applying, as the matte formula can emphasise chapped lips.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

£4.50 for 30ml from DHC

I must admit, I have never tried a cleansing oil before, I have always been worried they would just make my skin oilier. At first, I was skeptical as I applied the oil to my made-up face becasue I really did not think it would be able to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner. But it did. The makeup just slid right off my face, I hardly had to rub at all. On their website, DHC promise this will remove impurities and unclog pores, but my skin just did not feel as clean after using this as I would like and I had to use another cleanser.This might suit some people but I was not blown away, especially as it is quite expensive for the small amount of product you receive.

Weleda Skin Food

£1.33 for 10ml. You can buy 75ml for £8.50 from Boots

I was so excited to finally try Weleda skin food because I have seen so many good reviews. This cream is ideal for use on areas of skin that are often dry and damaged. I used this on my hands. elbows, knees and heels and it worked brilliantly on each area. The only place I haven't used this cream is on my face as it is quite thick and leaves a slightly greasy sheen afterwards. This is a great product to use after you've been wearing high heels all day as it soothes and cools the skin as well as softening and healing any cracks. This has a number of uses and is a great price - it is easy to see why so many people rave about it! I am a big fan of brands that try to use natural ingredients rather than strange chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin so I was very please when I found out that Weleda use completely natural ingredients - they have even won Natural Health "Best Ethical Range" award for their commitment to using ethically sourced ingredients.

Sanctuary Spa Active Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish

 90p for 15ml. You can buy 200ml for £12.00 from Boots

First of all, I really wish this sample was bigger! Being such a tiny size and being worth less than pound did not make this an impressive part of the box. This does feel like a powerful polishing product and I did notice my thighs and elbows felt slightly smoother after using it, but as I used the whole sample in one go I don't know whether repeated uses would lead to smooth skin. I think I will be buying this product again.

Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray in Balance

£2.29 per 100ml from Boots

From the first spray I fell in love with this product. It smells divine and I can't wait to try the other scents in the range too. This is a perfect spray to keep in your handbag to provide delightful bursts of cooling mist throughout the day. This definitely smells more expensive and luxurious than the price initially suggests. The scent itself is light, feminine and floral with hints of peony, bergamot and rose.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream - Pamplemousse Rose (Pink Grapefruit)

£5.70 for 30ml from FeelUnique

This lovely hand cream melts into your hands straight away and leaves them feeling silky soft. I work part time in a bar and spend a lot of time washing up which can make my hands dry, but after a few days of using this my skin feel fantastic again. Plus, they smell beautiful too! The grapefruit scent is fresh and fruity and lingers on the skin for a while after use. This cream contains grape seed oil, a natural source of omega 6 which promotes skin repair.

Green People Line Eraser Lip and Eye

£9.50 for 5ml. You can buy 10ml for £18.95 from Green People

Another Green People product, yay! I am quickly becoming a fan of this brand. Now, I am only 19 so I (hopefully) don't have any visible lines around my eyes or lips, but it is never too early to start moisturizing and protecting your skin. My mother has the most wonderful skin - she can easily pass for 10 years younger and I really hope I look like her when I'm older - but she is starting to get very subtle lines around her eyes so I have asked her to try this product and tell me what she thinks. She said it instantly made her eyes feel less tired and the skin feel tighter, which reduced the appearance of the lines. She liked the product, and she is pretty picky when it comes to moisturisers and face creams, so I shall recommend this!

Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara

£8.45 from Oriflame

I had never heard of this brand before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked this mascara. it didn't quite live up to its claims to volumize my eyelashes, but one thing it did do much better than many other brands is clearly define each lash without leaving any clumps. The brush may not look like the most exciting, but it really does give an even application. This is not the mascara to use when you want long drametic lashes, but for a more natural look, this is perfect for giving you thick, dark lashes.

What did you think of the Editor's Pick?


  1. Nice post! Did you know I nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award --> :D xx

  2. Great products and such a steal!!You are so lucky!! would love to see how the lipstick looks like swatched or on the lips ( Tell your mom to strike a pose :D ).. Thanks for sharing!! Awesome products... Keep it up..
    Maria xox

    1. Thanks!
      The Latest in Beauty boxes are always such good value, I got an email today about their new eye makeup collection which looks awesome too. I'll try and get some photos of the lipstick is soon, it is a lovely shade :)


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