Friday, 21 March 2014

#nomakeupselfie - raising money and awareness

Hi everyone, I have been unbelievably busy with uni coursework and exam revision but good news, the semester ends next week then I will be free to write all the posts I have been planning!

Just thought I'd quickly share my #nomakeupselfie. I think this has been such a wonderful effort by everyone to raise money and awareness of a terrible disease.

According to this Telegraph article, more than £1,000,000 was donated in 24 hours, which is incredible. Some people have said that just posting a photo doesn't help anyone but nearly everyone will have seen a photo from a friend on Facebook or Twitter, or heard about the campaign on the news, which means maybe more people will remember to check themselves regularly - this could save lives.

Another great thing about this campaign is the confidence it has given to girls to post a photo without wearing any makeup, this is something many girls would have never done before. It has been really heart warming to see all the lovely  comments from people telling others how gorgeous they naturally are, without makeup.

If you want to get involved, remember you can donate by texting BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 or visit 

Have you taken part in #nomakeupselfie?