Sunday, 27 April 2014

Haul: Ciate

Ciate are one of my favourite brands of nail polish. Everything about their polishes is great; the huge selection of colours, the wide brush for easy application, the curved bottle which is easy to hold and last but not least, the formula which is easy to apply and quick to dry. So, when Vente Privee held a flash sale of Ciate products with amazing discounts of more than 50%, I couldn't resist ordering a few things I had been wanting for a while.

I will do indepth reviews of each kit as I use them, but for now here's a quick look at my haul. I am unbelievably excited to try these out!

Feathered Manicure - All A Flutter

RRP: £20


  • 5ml - Ivory Queen Nail Polish (a peachy nude colour)
  • 13.5ml - Speed Coat Pro
  • Scissors
  • Nail File Block
  • Feathers
This kit contains colourful feathers to create a stunning and unique look. I have never seen anyone wearing these, but I imagine they will look beautiful as feathers naturally have an intricate and interesting pattern.

Very Colourfoil Manicure - Carnival Couture

RRP: £18


  • 13.5ml - Kiss Chase Nail Polish (a candy pink colour)
  • 30x Metallic Foil Sheets in 6 Shades
  • 5ml - Foil Fix Glue

I love the idea of combining different colours of shiny, holographic foil to create interesting designs. I think this has the potential to be very striking or a spectacular mess, either way it will be colourful!

Velvet Manicure - Red Velvet

RRP: £14


  • 13.5ml - Boudoir Nail Polish (a bright red)
  • 8.5g - Red Crushed Velvet
I am someone who likes polishes with interesting textures, I often use a bit of glitter or a few studs to make things more interesting. I like the idea of a soft, luxurious velvety finish.

Flower Manicure - Bada Bloom

RRP: £18

  • 5ml - Ferris Wheel Nail Polish (a pale sky blue)
  • 13.5ml - Speed Coat Pro
  • 2x Pots of Flowers
  • Tweezers
  • Mini Nail File
Using real dried flowers is something I would have never considered before I saw this kit, but I know it will look so pretty! The dried flowers are beautiful and much more detailed than decals or stickers.

Nail Polish - Fit For A Queen 

RRP: £9

A gorgeous shimmery chrome silver. This was a delight to apply and was fully opaque after two thin coats.

Nail Polish - Snow Globe

RRP: £9

This is a clear top coat which contains pieces of holographic glitter that sparkles like shards of glass. I think this would look great used over a dark colour.