Saturday, 5 April 2014

Review: Helen E - Beauty Cube Blue Eyes

I recently purchased the Helen E Beauty Cube - Blue Eyes. Each beauty cube contains a selection of products chosen to create awesome looks. I chose the blue eyes cube because I like to wear blue to highlight the colour of my blue eyes. (Have I said "blue" too many times yet?)

The beauty cube consists of two beautiful shimmer powders, two coloured eyeliners, glitter with a fixing gel, mascara and a tutorial CD which walks you through creating this look step-by-step.

£22 from Helen E (the products individually sell for £51)

Shimmer Eye Powder in shades 24 & 28

RRP: £5 each

These are lovely, sparkly and shimmery, so naturally I love them. The blue is my favourite - it is so highly pigmented and vibrant. I'm really into shimmer powders at the moment because you can use them for glitttery glam looks or pretty, ethereal styles. Using a primer first helps keep these in place. I did find I had a bit of loose powder around my eyes and cheeks after applying ,but I am generally quite messy anyway, and it can be easily removed with a brush. Swatches below!

Eyeliner Pencils in Electric Blue & Ice White

RRP £8 each

I haven't been very adventurous with eyeliner pencils in the past, usually only buying black or occasionally the-oh-so-different, grey. I was really impressed with these pencils. They were soft, which is an absolute must for me because I really don't like hard pencils that tug on the skin. I will get a lot of use from Ice White as I plan to use it to line my waterline to brighten my eyes.

Turquoise Glitter & Fixing Gel

RRP: £5

RRP:  £10

I LOVE GLITTER. I would happily wear glitter on my eyes, lips, hair and all over my body every day if it was acceptable. This glitter is really easy to apply as an eyeliner, you just dip a fine eyeliner brush into the fixing gel, then into the glitter, then apply wherever it is you want to sparkle. Be careful not too apply too much glitter and to gently brush off the excess so you don't get random loose pieces in your eyes.

Colour Magnification Mascara in Ocean Blue

RRP: £10

I liked the bright colour of this mascara, but for me it didn't quite live up to the magnification claim. I think the clear half might be for fixing eyebrows in place, but this isn't mentioned in the instructions so I'm not entirely sure. The formula of this mascara is good - after several coats, as I was trying to build up the colour, it still didn't clump my eyelashes together which many other mascaras do.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the contents of this beauty cube and will use all of the products in different looks, not just the one demonstrated by the tutorial CD. I think the inclusion of the CD is great because it explains clearly what to do at each stage and the best way to use each product, which can give people the confidence to try more dramatic and eye-catching looks.

Have you tried a Helen E Beauty Cube?