Monday, 31 March 2014

March Empties

So, another month has ended and it is time for me to look at which products I have used up this month and whether I will be buying them again.

Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

£13.00 per 200ml from The Body Shop

I have tubs of body butter of every scent imaginable scattered all around my room; I love my body butters. Every night before bed I use a body butter to keep my skin smooth and soft. I find body butter works wonders on my feet if I put some on and then a pair of socks before I go to bed. However, this particular flavour is much too good to be hidden by socks! As well as a gorgeous coconut scent, this product leaves a beautiful iridescent shimmer to give your skin a healthy glow effect. The butter itselfs is thick, luxurious and absorbs easily without making the skin feel greasy. Even though I already have far too many body butters, I will be buying this one again soon as the shimmer effect really makes it stand out from others.

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

£12.00 per 100ml from The Body Shop

I bought this when it was half price because I hadn't tried a clay mask for a long time after a bad experience with one but had heard good reviews about this one. The texture is thick and easy to apply with a short drying time. Unlike other face masks, this one is actually quite easy and mess-free to remove at the end, all that you need is warm water and a towel to pat your face dry at the end. Some people have said this mask takes a long time to dry, but I think they may have applied too thick a layer because it began drying and changing colour within seconds for me. I have been using this clay mask twice a week and have seen a definite improvement in the clearness of my skin. If I had a spot and then applied this, the next day the spot would be dry and hardly noticeable. After removing this, my skin feels incredibly clean and fresh.100ml may sound like a small amount for the price, but you only need to use a thin layer so this pot does last a very long time! I will buy this again because I am happy with the results, but probably not straightaway as I would like to try other clay masks to see how they compare.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

£19.50 from Boots

Benefit are amazing, and so is their mascara. I first tried this mascara when I picked up a free sample at the Clothes Show 2013. I instantly fell in love because after trying and being disappointed by so many mascaras, I finally found the one who could live up to its claims. Lengthens? Thickens? Volumises? Yes, yes, YES. (Can you tell I really do love this mascara?) It is wonderful to be able to apply a mascara and not worry about clumping or embarrassing smudging throughout the day. I have already replaced this.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

£63.50 for 100ml from Boots

Fresh, floral, warm and feminine in a whimsical, cute daisy-topped bottle. I have never met anyone who disliked this scent. I wear this most days because while it is light, it stays smelling beautiful all day. I was pretty sad when I finally ran out but this will definitely be on the to-buy list, might have to drop a few hints when it gets closer to my birthday... ;)

Barry M Waterproof Gel Liner

£5.49 from Boots

This is a great eyeliner. I love the staying power of the gel, it lasts all day even around the corner of my eye, which usually smudges. This was slightly more time consuming to apply than liquid eyeliner but I did like the effect. Now that I've used it up, I will probably stick to using L'Oreal Pro Intenza Gel Eyeliner in Violet because it has a darker, more intense colour with beautiful violet shimmery bits.

Which products have you used up this month?