Monday, 7 April 2014

The 25 Questions Tag

I saw this tag over on Sherbet Lemons and Lipsticks by the lovely Jessica and thought it looked fun, so here we are...

What is your middle name? - Louise (This also seems to be the middle name of 80% of my female friends, so maybe it was very popular in 1994?)
What was favourite subject at school? - I enjoyed all the sciences, but biology was my favourite, though i liked the human biology topics rather than the plants better because at that time I wanted to train as a doctor. (Then when I realised how squeamish I actually am I decided I wanted to be a psychologist instead.)
What is your favourite drink? - Fruit smoothies, especially ones made from kiwis.
What is your favourite song at the moment? - Ahh this is hard. Probably The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy because I saw them live a few weeks ago and they were as amazing as ever.

What is your favourite food? - Butternut squash and white wine risotto - this tastes so good and I cook it almost every week.
What is the last thing you bought? - Today I bought this owl scarf as present for my best friend because she loves owls and she is trying to build a big collection of pretty scarves. And it was only £4 from New Look, bargain!

Favourite book of all time? - The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The one word I would use to describe this book is enchanting. The story grabs you, wraps you up in its spell then takes your imagination on a journey filled with magic. I have persuaded most of my friends to read this book too since I enjoyed it so much and every single one of them agreed that it was a brilliant read.

Favourite Colour? - Pink
Do you have any pets? - A little cutie pie called Honey - she's a 7 year old shih tzu. And an evil rabbit called Smokey who dislikes everyone and everything.
Favourite Perfume? - Daisy by Marc Jacob
Favourite Holiday? - Cyprus
Are you married? - No, I'm only 19. Although my parents were married at my age, I could not do that now, I feel way too young!
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? - Yep, I usually go on holiday with my family about once a year and there have been a couple of school trips so around 20 times.
Do you speak any other language? - I learnt French at school for 5 years although I'm not super-confident speaking the language, I am a little better at reading.
How many siblings do you have? - One younger brother
What is your favourite shop? - New Look because it is affordable, has lots of different styles of clothing and everytime I go in a shop or on their website I end up buying something.
Favourite restaurant? - The Whittington Arms - their dessert platter is gorgeous.
When was the last time you cried? - I can't remember the last time I cried because I was upset, but everytime I pluck my eyebrows it makes me cry so my answer is yesterday.
Favourite Blog? - One Nail To Rule Them All - this girl is insanely talented and creative when it comes to nail art!
Favourite Movie? - Aladdin! The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Hercules are all close contenders too though. Can you tell I like Disney?

Favourite TV show? - At the moment I am really enjoying Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I also love The Big Bang Theory, Not Going Out, Bluestone 42 and Would I Lie To You?
PC or Mac? - PC
What phone do you have? - Nokia Lumia
How tall are you? - 5ft 6"
Can you cook? - Yep! I am the only veggie in my family so when I became vegetarian at 10 I started to cook for myself a lot and gradually got pretty good. My mum taught me how to make great cakes and we still bake together a lot now.

Comment below if you did this tag too!