Tuesday, 1 April 2014

NOTD: Newspaper Nails

I like the idea of using newspaper to print words on nails but I find the usual white background a bit boring, so I chose to use a pale blue and a pale peach as the base.

Lots of people insist you use rubbing alcohol, but I find water works just as well.


  • Base coat
  • Base colour/white - I used an unnamed peach and Borghese Rapido Capriccio Blue
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Water 
  • Top coat

How To

  1. First, apply base coat then your chosen colour and let dry.
  2. Cut up pieces of newspaper until they are roughly nail sized. To make your nails more interesting, try using parts from the comic section.
  3. Soak a strip if newspaper in the water for a few seconds, then press onto your nail.
  4. When you remove the paper, you should have an imprint of the text!
  5. Repeat this for every nail, then protect your newspaper nails with a layer of topcoat. Be sure to apply the topcoat carefully so you don't smudge the printed text.

What do you think of newspaper nails? Do you prefer a classic white background or different colours?