Tuesday, 3 June 2014

NOTD: Feathery Stripes

I always thought this nail polish was red, but I've just realised it's actually named Amazon Pink. Clearly, I'm not very good at identifying colours. Anyway, I recently bought a few nail art pens from Primark so I thought I'd try them out. They are the sort of nail pens that can be used two ways, either as a fine brush or squeezed through a tiny needle thin nib. Unfortunately, out of 6 pens I have only been able to undo the lid and use the needle part on one pen. :( I can't decide whether this means I am incredibly weak or if it is actually a cruel trick by Primark and they aren't actually openable...

  • Rimmel Pro Lycra - Amazon Pink - two coats on each nail except ring finger.
  • Two coats of Smooch - Virginial, a polish quite similar to the Barry M Silk collection, for my accent finger.
  • I used the white and black nail art pens to quickly make a feather pattern on my thumb and middle finger. They aren't straight lines, but I was going for a casual soft look.
  • I love water transfers - they are so easy to use, and this hummingbird is one of my favourite designs.
  • For once there's no glitter involved, so to make up for that, I included a couple of black gems on the other two nails so they didn't look too bare.
  • I finished with a coat of the wonderful Seche Vite to smooth everything out and give a nice shine.

Have you tried these Primark nail art pens? And more importantly, could you remove the lids??