Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Review: Ciate Flower - Bada Boom

Today I am reviewing one of the manicure kits I will be giving away in my June Giveaway (click the image below to enter if you haven't already!)

This kit is pretty different to any other nail art kit I've seen; it contains real dried flowers! 

The kit contains everything you need;

  • Ciate Mini - Ferris Wheel - this is a pale sky blue which is the perfect background as it allows the flowers to take centre stage. Apply two thin coats of this polish, or use your own pale colour. Pastels work well!
  • Ciate - Speed Coat Pro - Apply a thick coat of this quick drying topcoat to create a sticky base for the flowers.
  • Tweezers - to delicately pick up the dried flowers and place in position on your nails
  • 2 pots of dried flowers - contains plenty of pretty blue, purple and red flowers. 
  • Nail file - if part of the flower hangs over the edge of your nail, simply use the included nail file to file away the excess.

These are real flowers, which means they are so much more detailed than any sticker or decal. Also, they are tissue-paper thin which means they are flexible and lie nicely against your nail which keeps them firmly in place.

I love this kit! It is pretty, feminine, different and perfect for summer!

Have you tried any of the Ciate Manicure Kits?