Monday, 23 June 2014

Tag: Secrets of Blogging

This tag was created by Hannah | Hannah Notes and I saw it posted by the lovely Be | Love From Be. ♥

I love tags because they are a great way of making links in the blogging community and also encourage people to talk about their personal lives :). This is one which will relate to many of you as it focuses on something we probably have in common: blogging!

1. When did you start blogging and why?

My first post was 28th February 2014, for some reason I didn't write anything in the way of an introductory post, just jumped in with a review of the Valentine's Glossybox, guess I was eager! I had been reading other blogs for a while and eventually I realised I wanted to be able to put forth my own opinions and ideas too. Also, it can definitely be a sociable activity and I love the way blogging brings together so many different people who share the same interests.

2. How many people "in real life" know about your blog?

None! I would feel too self-conscious if I knew anyone I personally knew was reading this, so I've just not mentioned it to anyone! I think it works well this way, because it means my blog is a form of escapism and I can be as honest as I like.

3. What are your favourite posts to read?

I love DIY posts, the creativity of some people just amazes me! I also like posts about the tihngs that make people happy, or the things they have enjoyed that week, I find those to be really uplifting and a nice reminder to appreciate the good things in life.

4. List a blog you have discovered recently

Love From Be - Be has some adorable DIY tutorials and is just so positive, I always end up smiling after reading her blog :)

5. Which posts are you most proud of?

  • Helen E Blue Eyes Cube Review - I really enjoyed following the instructions to make the look they imagined when they created the kit and trying out each individual item. Plus I really like blue eye-make up! 
  • Ice Queen Nail Art - This is possibly the first time my nails have turned out exactly how I was imagining them in my head, so for that I am proud of it. 
  • Souffle Omelette Recipie - I've only posted one recipe so far, but this was well received so I will share more soon.

6. Any advice for future bloggers?

  • At the start, when you have no followers and no comments you might feel like giving up, DON'T. Keep writing good posts and commenting on other blogs and eventually people will find out about your blog.
  • Regular posts are important - if you don't post for months on end people are bound to lose interest.
  • Be respectful and friendly to other bloggers - don't just comment on other blogs to advertise your blog, actually share your opinion and try to get to know other people, you might end up making lots of friends :)

I tag these lovely bloggers:
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