Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cute iPad Accessories from ASOS

Unfortunately I'm a clumsy person. Countless glasses, teacups and pocket mirrors have met their end at my hands, so a case and a cover is a necessity to keep my iPad in one piece.

I usually take my iPad to university with me to make notes on, so it spend a lot of time in my bag. To keep it clean and safe I chose this leather case which zips up. This case also has little elastic straps in each corner which hold the iPad securely in place and prevent it from falling out when the case is opened. The lining of the case is soft, so the screen won't be scratched. I chose a black leather case because I seem to always end up with a lidless pen or a bottle of water which leaks in my bag, but this case is waterproof and easy to clean.

 ASOS Leather iPad Case With Lizard Panel - £10.00, reduced from £30.

ASOS iPad Case In Exclusive Indie Tile Print - £3.50 (reduced from £15)

I love the crazy patterns and different colour of this case! The back of iPads are sooo easy to scratch so I keep a hard clip-on case on permanently to protect and also to make it look a little bit more interesting. I was pleased to find this for £3.50 because even though I really like the design, I do not think it is worth the original £15 price tag as there are so many cool cases available on the likes of Amazon, eBay and Etsy for much less.