Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Haul: ASOS Sale

I'm sure that by now most of you will have at least had a little browse through the ASOS sale, as they are offering a huge 70% on lots of lovely things. Here's a few of my recent purchases...

At first I thought this looked a bit childish, but then I realised that I actually liked it, a lot. It's girly, cute and a pretty lilac colour. It's also the perfect size to just pop my purse, phone and lipstick in when I don't need to carry much with me.

Pink for me and purple for my friend. Ok, maybe there is a bit of a childish theme going on here, maybe I'm trying to cling onto my youth now I'm no longer a teenager (I turned 20 a few days ago), but I defy anyone to say these are not adorable.

A girl can never have too many earrings, and these have a bit of sparkle so they are perfect for me!

The texture of this lipstick is wonderful; creamy so it glides on smoothly. I'm getting braver with my lipstick colours, so I will definitely be rocking this bright pink lip for the rest of the summer.

Blue is a colour I love to wear on my nails, but I haven't found the perfect bright blue, they're always too dark. However, the colour of this one looks promising. The formula wasn't best; you can see a few streaks in the photo, but I think an extra coat will fix this.

After trying the Rimmel Space Dust range I have grown to love textured nail polishes. This one is a pretty, baby blue which has a shimmer to it. When dry, this sort of feels like you've dipped your wet nails in sand, which sounds irritating but it doesn't bother me, I like the look it creates too much. :)

What have you bought recently?