Saturday, 26 July 2014

July Birchbox - Sun, Sea and Sand

This year I have well and truly become a beauty box addict, trying out several different subscriptions each month. So far, I think I have been most impressed by the Birchbox product choices, and this month looks to carry on their winning streak....

Whish Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter

22ml sample worth £3.19. 100ml for £14.50 from Birchbox.

I'm a huge fan of body butters, however when I think body butter I think of the thick consistency of The Body Shop body butters. This butter is lighter, but this does mean it absorbs into the skin more easily. I have never seen a lavender scented body butter before, I guess that's because some people think lavender is an old fashioned scent which is associated with grandmas, but this one is light, sweet and just lovely. This is sulphate free and also claims to be full of antioxidants, so hopefully it will do great things for my skin!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

7ml sample worth £10. Full size 15ml for £20 from Birchbox

I've recently tried the Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream which was great, so I'm pleased to be able to try another of their products. I'm looking for a good eye cream to use because lately my eyes have been feeling so sore and tired with annoying dark circles. This cream is said to brighten the eye area, so I shall be expecting results.

Benefit The Porefessional

7.5ml sample worth £. Full size 22ml for £24.50 from Birchbox

I've tried this primer a few times, but it's always useful to have a spare and this is a good size to leave in my handbag for when my makeup needs fixing (far too often on hot summer days). I love how smooth and velvety this primer makes my skin feel and it means my foundation glides on smoothly too.

Laqa & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour

Full size 3.7g, £14 from Birchbox

At first I was a bit disappointed when I found I had received  this bright colour because it didn't really look wearable. However, dues to its sheerness it actually just gives a gentle pop of colour when applied lightly. This is a super nourishing balm which feels great on my lips.

Model's Own Nail Polish - Fireworks Roman Candle

Full size, £5 from Birchbox

If you've seen my nail art posts you've probably already worked out how much I love glitter polishes! This is a beautiful mix of six different colours and sizes of glitter which looks good on bare nails but brilliant over a colour. Due to the tiny particles of glitter, the coverage is quite dense and little placement is required. Within the polish there are black and silver confetti glitters, larger rose gold hexagons, small pink polka dots and tiny specks of silver.

I think this particular glitter looks best against a light background, like the lilac in the photo above, or a white background.

Lifestyle Extra - Filosoy Fille

This month's little extra is a four-sided nail buffer to get your nails perfectly shaped and smooth before you paint them.

What did you think of this month's Birchbox? What is your favourite product?

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