Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More Magazine Freebies!

You know I can't resist a good makeup or beauty freebie, and this month there are plenty to choose from!

Last week I mentioned the fab Clinique freebies with Glamour

Another item I really like is the Balance Me Face Cream which can be yours if you pick up a copy of Marie Claire, which is also reduced to £2.50 this month.

I have fallen in love with this moisturiser! It absorbs into the skin well, doesn't leave my face feeling greasy and has the most amazing geranium scent.

This month Elle comes with a mini Malin & Goetz travel set; three of their best products in the perfect size to take with you on your travels this summer.

Grapefruit Face Cleanser - this removed my makeup easily, even the Benefit They're Real mascara which has a somewhat notorious reputation for being difficult to remove. This claims to a gentle cleanser which contains fewer harsh chemicals than other brands, and I would agree that it left my skin in a better condition than my usual cleanser.

Lip Moisturiser - the most amazing lip product I have ever used. That may sound dramatic, but it's true. The gel is said to contain nourishing fatty acids that are absorbed into the lips, unlike the waxy substances found in many other lip balms that just sit on the lip until they are wiped or licked away. Now, I don't know enough about the science of cosmetics to tell you whether this claim is true, but I can tell you my lips felt instantly softer and hydrated after using this gel. I applied this at night before I went to sleep and 8 hours later my lips still felt as good as when I first applied it, which is never the case with my other lip balms.

Vitamin E Face Moisturiser - Now, I haven't had chance to try this yet because I've been loving the Balance Me moisturiser, but if it matches the quality of the other two products then I'm sure it will impress me!

Have you found any good beauty freebies this month?