Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Birthday!

I turned 20 last Saturday and had a wonderful weekend spending time with my family and friends.
I know 20 isn't a milestone birthday like 18 or 21, but I did feel a bit sad to be swapping my carefree teenage years for a decade where I'll probably have to start thinking about scary things like a career and mortgage. :o

My mum's birthday is the day before mine, so I actually made this cake for her, but there is a limit to how many cakes you can eat over one weekend, so we always end up sharing a birthday cake. For some reason I can't find any photos of the whole cake (in all its majestic glory) but at least this photo shows the different coloured tiers, which I am SO pleased with.

Here's are some of the lovely presents my wonderful friends got me:

This statement necklace and purse are both from Dorothy Perkins. I have been lookign for a new purse for ages because my old one is literally falling apart, but I am so fussy about the size, number of pockets and card slots that I hadn't found one. Anyway, it turns out my friend knows what I wanted better than I did myself, because this one is perfect for me!

Soap & Glory are a great brand and I love all body butters, so I was really happy to unwrap the Birthday Box.

I have never tried any nail polishes by Champneys before, but these colours look gorgeous, especially the sapphire blue.

It's no secret that I love The Body Shop! Both of the body butters smell AMAZING and I love the little lip butters because it means I can leave a different one in every bag I have, so I will always have one with me. :)

 So, even though I'm now 20, I was still way too excited to receive these cute little mirrored butterfly stickers, and they are now proudly displayed on my bedroom wall.

I have a bit of an obsession with collecting hair bows, I love how pretty and girly they look.

Mmmm TEA! This is another example of a friend who just knows me so well. I adore the vintage/flower pattern of the teapot and cup and can't wait to try these different teas. Teapigs are my favourite brand of tea, their green tea is simply wonderful.

My mother and I have a bit of a tradition, every birthday we go to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and each pick a piece of jewellery which my wonderful dad buys for us. This year we both fell in love with some silver bangles. This is my one, my mother's is a bit thicker and patterned. I love how simple this design because it means I can wear it everyday without it looking out of place. Slowly I'm building a beautiful jewellery collection and every piece is associated with even more beautiful memories :)

And last, but definitely not least, here is my new baby. I was incredibly lucky to receive the beautiful Nikon D5200. . My parents were also sweet enough to sign me up for an photography course so I can learn how to use this to its full potential. Over the last few years I have started to take more and more photos because I think they are the best way of capturing memories, to me there is nothing more fun, and also emotional, than looking back over old photos of happy memories. Just thinking about how many smiles, silly faces and breathtaking scenes I will capture with this in the future makes me so excited. :D