Friday, 25 July 2014

Review: Ciate Denim Manicure Kit

I have been loving the Ciate manicure kits, they are always fun to use and create some interesting looks. The latest one I've tried is the denim manicure kit which is based on denim jeans and includes cute little details such as stitching and studs.


  • Ciate Paint Pot - Regetta
  • Gold and white stitching transfers
  • Assorted gold and bronze studs
  • Nail glue

This is the easiest of the kits I've tried so far, everything is straightforward to use and easy to secure to the nail (I had a bit of a nightmare trying to glue feathers from the feather manicure kit onto my nails).

I'm a big fan of transfers; they are a great way of adding perfect details or designs to a nail, are really quick to apply and as they are so easy to apply they are a good way of ensuring both hands look the same if you aren't quite as steady painting freehand onto your dominant hand.

You can't see the white transfers, but they are there, and they basically exactly the same as the gold ones, but white. My only tiny little complaint about this set is that it could include more of the studs and rivets. There is a nice selection of different sizes and shapes, but only about 30 pieces in total which will get used up quickly.

Unlike some denim-look polishes, Regetta doesn't dry matte, but to get a more realistic denim look you could use a matte top coat instead.

The zip transfer on my thumbnail in the photo above is not included in the set, but I have a few sheets of them, purchased from eBay, which I have been waiting to use and it matched the whole denim look so well that I thought why not. After I had applied it I realised it would look cool if the triangular shape was painted a different colour to look like different pieces of fabric being zipped together, but I'm far too lazy to redo my nails, so hopefully I'll remember to try that next time instead. :)

On my ring finger I used Rimmel Space Dust - Aurora, a gorgeous sparkly textured polish in a rose gold colour.

If you like the look of my nails, the Ciate Denim Manicure Kit is available for only £3.99 with free delivery on Amazon.

Have you tried any of the Ciate kits?